We met this feller two months ago.

We heered about him befer.

He had a reputation across the west

With the folks he were workin' fer.

He were a bull dog with an attitude

But he had the heart of a pup.

That ain't sayin' he weren't spunky;

He don't know how to give up.

He had a talent few folks have.

He knowed how to really listen.

You can almost hear his brain aworkin'

Making sure no fact is missin'.

We can only guess the miles he drove

And the amount of money he spent.

He worked for months to do what he done

- And it never cost us a cent.

He done the impossible fer us.

At times we was sceered to ask how.

But here we are looking out from our swing

So thankful for Daniel now.

We are surrounded by natural beauty.

Our young uns live next door.

We can watch our grandbabies growin' up.

We couldn't ask for more.

Thanks from: Joe, Sheila, and Luke  2011